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SELF BUNDLE 2 Book Bundle: 1 Self Book and 1 Vision-It Book (choose your Vision-It cover)


LOVERS BUNDLE 3 Book Bundle: 1 Relationship Perfect Square Book and 2 Connect-It Lovers Book


CONNECT-IT SERIES BUNDLE 6 Book Bundle: 2 Tribe, 2 Lovers & 2 Self Books


VISION-IT 2 Book Bundle: 2 Vision-It vision book & planners. (choose from the available covers)


VISION-IT 5 Book Bundle: 5 Vision-It vision book & planners. (choose from the available covers)


  • VISION-IT Vision Book & Planner: Turning our visions into reality takes intentionality, clear goals and daily focus. Occasionally browsing at the vision boards we created at the top of the year OR toting our boards around wasn’t reasonable…until now! Vision-It is a portable version of those larger boards with additional tools that will assist in turning those visions into reality.
  • TRIBE: It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and take our most treasured relationships for granted. It’s not uncommon to not know the most basic things about the people we love most, especially their more personal reflections and experiences. This book has over 130 question to get connected to your tribe!
  • LOVERS: There’s little that compares to having a healthy, loving, supportive relationship that stretches and grows you. To be able to learn more about the person you love and to have all these personal sharings between one another in their handwriting with thoughtful consideration to each question is priceless! This book has over 180 question to get connected to your lover!
  • SELF: Of all the work we’ll ever do, growth and spirit work are the most important. Of all the love we’ll ever give or receive, self-love is what grounds and guides us. Of all the people that we’ll ever know, knowing ourselves is the greatest knowing. Here is your opportunity to get to know your tribe, your lover and yourself better and build deeper, more connected relationships! This book has over 140 question to get connected to your self. Get Connect-It ❥
  • THE RELATIONSHIP PERFECT SQUARE: Does your relationship have open and honest dialogue? Do you feel comfortable expressing your true feelings to the person you love? This practical yet powerful book offers advice on how to openly and honestly communicate four critical subjects most couples encounter at some point during their relationship: Roles and ResponsIbilities, Intimacy, Finances & Family. Most couples enter into a relationship knowing very little about the other person. Many display behaviors that represent who they think the other wants them to be rather than their authentic selves. It is vital that you know yourself and be able to discuss your truth about these four topics, which can be difficult to do. This book teaches you how to have those difficult conversations!

*FOR BUNDLES THAT INCLUDE VISION-IT Vision Books, please choose between the cover designs: Perspective, Visionary & Dedication and list your choice(s) in text box.


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