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So you've decided on an amazing Gift-It Cake design but you don't have the time to shop to fill it or you go into anxiety overload with just the thought of picking the right gifts.

We've got you covered! Our Gift Guru will act as your personal shopper and get your cake to you PRE-FILLED! All you'll need to do once you receive your cake is handwrite your notecards. Here's what we need...

  1. A list of what your recipient likes and loves, i.e. fav color, hobbies, items etc. We've created a Concierge WorkSheet to help you, help us.
  2. We need to know what your budget is. How much do we have to work with? We will send you a separate payment request to fund your budget.
  3. For larger gifts, we will include our Gift-It bag or ribbon at no additional cost. Please let us know when ordering if you'd prefer to use your own bag or ribbon.

We will shop for you online or in-store. Prior to purchasing the gifts you will be sent a list and images of options for your choosing and approval. You will have 8 options to choose from; from those you will be able to throw 4  back for 4 fresh options. (No other options will be made available.) If you are unable to pick from the initial options or the throwback options,  a new concierge service purchase is required to start with a fresh set of 8 options.

The takeaway: Make sure to fill in the Concierge WorkSheet thoroughly.


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