The blank notecards that come with your cake can be used to write a note of sentiment, a short poem, a riddle linked to the gift in each box, a clever clue to lead the recipient to a larger gift that's hidden or ALL of the above.

However you decide to use them, to make the most out of the Gift-It Cakes experience, it's best to incorporate personal memories, references and clues that the recipient will recognize and connect with. These personal messages will create the opportunity for the recipient to elaborate on the reference or clue, forcing them to "tell the story". This, is what makes Gift-It Cakes so much fun, it encourages engagement!

However if you don't know the recipient well enough to have the personal references or clues, we've compiled a list of riddles that you may be able to use. We've complied these riddles and clues from various sources and we'll add to this list periodically as we come across them. If you have riddles or clues you'd like to share, please let us know.


  1. You're almost at the very end, find the Gift-It Bag where your guests come in. ~Door~
  2. Find your Gift-It Bag near the invention that lets you look right through a wall. ~Window~
  3. Dark and rich or light and sweet. Fill you senses with this delicious treat. ~Chocolate~
  4. You wear them to work, but that's so boring. We'll use them in bed and no one will be snoring. ~Tie~
  5. Colors of pastel, purple, pink, yellow and white. No matter your mood, they're sure to be a delight. ~Flowers~
  6. Faces to the sun, they sit in beds for hours. Your next clue's not inside, it's hidden in the... ~Flowers~
  7. I used to write and send my letter, but now this machine does it better. ~Computer~
  8. Warming and spicy, floral and sweet. Just a few sips will generate heat. ~Red Wine~
  9. A little sparkle and charm for the birthday girls arm. ~Bracelet~
  10. Melodic beats that are a real treat. ~Music CD~