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You've put together a great time of celebration, decided on the perfect Gift-It Cake and are ready to fill it with some AH-Mazing gifts! Don't you want the presentation of the most creative gift of them all to go off without a hitch?!

Why not let us present your Gift-It Cake to your recipient? We'd love to! Just add this service to your cart and we'll show up, cake in hand, to provide the most memorable presentation, of this one of a kind invention to your loved one!

We'll even capture an hour of video & pics for you and your loved one's special celebration! (Might wanna have some tissues on hand, we've seen some waterworks)

Just add this service to your cart, fill out this Order Form and we'll take your presentation from here!

*This service price provides a 1  hour block of time and is currently only available for a 70 mile radius in the Atlanta Metro area. Additional contingencies apply. For distances greater than 70 miles or consideration for other states, please use the contact form to request availability and pricing.


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