Down By The Water

 "Down By The Water"


1 Beach, river or lake

1 Gazebo with table (preferably) or Picnic table

1 Plastic or linen tablecloth

1 Single Flower of your choice (long stem of course)

Artificial rose petals (you can find these @ Walmart)

1 Candle in a glass container

1 Dinner for two complete with the drink of your choice

1 Good friend to serve as a waiter

And of course 1 Gift-It Cake!

Simplicity is the spice of life, it makes everything else make sense! So "Down By The Water" is a perfect way to say alot with a little. Let your mate know you love him/her...Simply! Find a cozy little corner at your local water hole, decorate the table using your tablecloth. Center the table with your candle and the long stem flower, just lay it right in the middle of the table. Create a path to the table using your artificial rose petals. Have your dinner ready in a covered container. (a precooked rotisserie chicken is always a winner)

Ok, so your location is set...almost. What about your Gift-It Cake, well you would have contacted us a week prior to your celebration. Choose your cake size, (this intimate occasion would work well with a Single Slice , Double or Mini) choose your design and we will whip up a cake that will pull this celebration together nicely for you! Now with your cake complete and filled with amazing small tokens of appreciation and love you're almost ready.

This is where you'll need a little help, ask a friend to stand guard at your location. You will have told your sweetie you just want to take a ride and enjoy the weather, you'll end up "Down By The Water." As the two of you arrive, your friend will escort you to your table, and hang out long enough to serve drinks and dinner. At this point the "waiter" can gracefully bow out and leave you two to an evening of talking, laughing, enjoying the water and each others company! After dinner comes the dessert...time to present your sweetie with their personalized Gift-It Cake!

Take advantage of the note cards in your cake, express your love through words! Your loved one will appreciate the personalization, the fact that you found a unique way to shower them, and the time and creativity you put into a dinner "Down By The Water!"

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