Gift-it-Cakes was definitely the best gift I have given my wife in years! I walked into the store with the hopes of finding a cake that was edible and hoping I could make it all the way back to Columbus without it melting! And it was just by chance that I found this wonderful establishment! By far the most creative gift a man or a woman could get for their spouse. It was simple, creative, and the finished product looks like so much effort and time was put in to make such an awesome gift! Thank you Gift-it-Cakes!!!!!

Levoris Harmon,

Love this store, bought my mom a gift-it cake here for Mother's Day and she was impressed at how unique her gift was this year for Mother's Day, can't wait to shop here next for my anniversary and father day gift .

Edely Funes,

Very pleased with this purchase! Beautiful designs with a variety of gifts. Definitely unique and interesting!

Martha Grissom,

Neyah got Gift-It'd!! A unique "cake" without the calories! I designed it myself with the online designer and you can too! My friend Marea is the creative mind behind this idea. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Neyah!

Benita Henson-Jones,