“I got tired of buying, what always seemed to be, the same boring cakes for every celebration only to end up throwing cake out or begging people to take cake with them."

"Understanding that the cake is generally the staple of any good celebration, I wanted to keep the cake; I just didn’t want to be stuck with the uneaten cake. Plus, as a creative person, Gift-It allows me to give unforgettable gifts.”


At Gift-It Cakes, we believe that no cake should ever be boring. As a result, we invented our one-of-a-kind novelty cakes, which are perfect for celebrations and engaging crowds. Our customizable novelty cakes look exactly like real cakes on the outside, but conceal fun and exciting gifts within.

  • Celebrate “Outside the Box”

Our cakes are not just creative, but are also conversation starters that get noticed. Want to break the ice at your next party or gathering and keep people talking? Gift-It Cakes is the answer! Just watch as Gift-It not only lights up the face of the recipient, but through reading their notecards aloud, it pulls the guests in and creates exciting interactions.

  • Enjoy Full Customization

Gift-It Cakes can use your photos, logos or other personal graphics to create a cake that is as creative as you want it to be. We can even create an identical Gift-It Cake to be an companion to an edible cake.

  • Our Notecards Turn Gift-Giving into Exciting Anticipation

 Want to give a gift that is too large to fit in the box? Gift-givers simply hide their gifts before the party in a Gift-It Bag (sold separately) using our Gift-It notecards to share a clever clue about its location. Watch as recipients find their gifts in the celebration area!

  • Free Yourself from Calories and Guilt

 Gift-It Cakes are 100% free of sugar, calories, clean-up and uneaten cake!

  • Cakes That Can Be Treasured Forever

Our customers love the fact that our cakes are true keepsakes. All cakes come packaged in a durable signature cake box on a special magnetized cake board, which allow them to be later displayed standing upright on an easel. The notecards are handwritten by your loved one, and can be read over and over again to reminisce on the day you were Gift-It'd!


“Our cakes always get taken home after the party is over because they’re a keepsake that hold beautiful memories. Our innovative cakes get people engaged and promote social interaction while offering a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift designed to speak directly to the personality of the recipient. This truly does make Gift-It Cakes unique and exciting!" 


Gift-It Cakes is dedicated to providing high-quality and customizable cakes that look like real cakes on the outside, but conceal fun and surprising gifts on the inside. Patent pending Gift-It Cakes can be customized using virtually any photo, logo or other personalized graphic or design. By creating unique cakes, Gift-It Cakes serve as an excellent ice-breaker and help foster a greater degree of social interaction. Built around a commitment to service, quality and creativity, Gift-It Cakes is bringing something bold and new to the world of personalized gift giving. Order your cake TODAY!




Work team

Our Mission


There are four cornerstones to the foundation of our business.

  • Service. We strive to provide a quality service to our customers with prompt, professional care.
  • Quality. We provide high quality products that surpass the standards of our competitors.
  • Creativity. Creative personalization is our foundation. We pride ourselves on attention to detail.
  • People Loving People. What we do displays our love for people. We set the example by celebrating each other in a creative way. Through social interaction, we help create moments that express love, and show appreciation.


To creatively design a personalized novelty cake with the intent of providing a unique gift giving experience while encouraging social interaction.


To provide products and services that enhances relationships by turning special occasions into memorable experiences, while celebrating life’s most important asset, people!

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